Project management system

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If it seems that you are at a dead end, there is no reason to worry Burti team will help and support you in adapting Atlassian’s wide range of options to your business needs!

Why project management with Atlassian?

The Burti team will help you select and implement the most appropriate tools from the Atlassian product range. As a result, you will get a flexible yet unified high-performance system for controlling software development, various services or internal work flows.

Don’t hesitate, make your daily life effective today!

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Other solutions for a more efficient everyday life


If you feel that you are lost in the jungle of projects, BigPicture will be the right solution! The tool will help you create a portfolio of projects and easily manage them.


A business intelligence tool that will be a great ally for reviewing business analytics and making data-driven decisions.

Atlassian project management system benefits

Project management with Jira Software

Either you are agile rookie or a professional, Jira Software adapts to the workflow of your team to successfully estimate and ship products to your customers.

Project management with Jira Work Management

Workflow templates, powerful filtering and options to stay up-to-date with different projects through notifications and high level analysis, so you’ll always be informed about results of your teams.

Customer support with Jira Service Management

One platform powered by Atlassian seamless integration with its other products for your IT staff and customers where it is possible to swiftly help customers and track bugs.

Content management with Confluence

Connects teams with information, so workers will get the work done faster. Stop drowning in e-mails, prevent pointless meetings and make every day a productive day.

Version control with Bitbucket

Highly secure Atlassian Git solution which is created for ever developing teams. Seamlessly integrated with other Atlassian products, Bitbucket offers safe space for creating better software.

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