Business management system

ERP system support for any business

It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is we will find a suitable solution for everyone. Just as cosmonauts need support, we will also help with the implementation and maintenance of an business management or ERP system, so that every step is safe and full of confidence.

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Accounting application
and warehouse accounting
system in one place

Nowadays, separate systems are no longer needed for accounting and warehouse accounting they are available in one ERP system. Standard Books will help businesses optimize their daily work by providing various integrations and effective information exchange.

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Which ERP system to choose?

Standard Books by Excellent

A business management system ideal for the complete business management of small and medium-sized businesses, from accounting to production.

Standard ERP by HansaWorld

The support of several languages, currencies and national laws will allow you to manage your business effectively from anywhere in the world in a unified ERP software. Perfect for international, medium and large businesses.

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ERP system benefits

Multiple modules in one place

More than 30 inter-integrated modules for managing customer relations, logistics, production, sales, project management, timekeeping, service and other processes.

Extensive integration options

Business analytics from, e-invoices from Fitek, account reports from Swedbank, digitization of checks from CostPocket, connectivity with NomasVeikals, Shopify, WooCommerce – everything you need for modern work!

Data analytics

Creation of unlimited objects and dimensions of Books financial module in combination with business intelligence will allow you to plan the future, set, control goals and manage the business efficiently!

Effective information exchange

Mutually integrated modules will help ensure efficient information exchange between departments.

On the cloud or with you

The software can run entirely in the cloud or on servers depending on availability and security requirements.


We can integrate your HansaWorld system with any other system to automate some boring and inefficient work.


Rest API

Provides a flexibly configurable and customization API to quickly and efficiently integrate the HansaWorld Standard ERP system with other solutions such as e-commerce platforms, CRM and other systems that need to acquire and store data in Standard ERP.

Automatic reminders

Provides automatic generation and sending of reminders. Depending on the number of days overdue, customers will receive different levels of reminders. In addition to the reminder, an appropriate, personalized email cover letter will also be prepared.

Timed events

Provides the ability to run services without user intervention and at specified intervals to automate boring routines.

HApp – HansaWorld mobile app for effective warehouse management

Follow warehouse changes on your smartphone even when you are out of the office. The app is perfect for warehouse workers to record current information immediately as an order is received.

Banking assistant

A module based on user-configurable functionality that allows the transfer of electronic bank statement data directly to Standard ERP. During the transfer process, the Banking Assistant, without the accountant's participation, recognizes customer and invoice identifying information and automatically creates appropriate documents - payments, advance payments, postings.

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