6 Ways How to Use the Knowledge of Your Company

Every company has different assets. Physical ones like production machinery, cars and computers and non-physical ones - brand, reputation and knowledge. In my experience companies are quite good with managing the physical ones because they cost money, the law requires that, it is taught in every business management school that you should do that and there are ERP systems that help you with that. Companies are also very motivated with managing assets like brand and reputation as a part of their marketing and sales activities since it is very hard to do business in the age of internet without that. What many companies are lacking though is good management of knowledge. This is often left to employees - they store the knowledge in their computers, document folders and mainly - their brains. They have meetings where they exchange this knowledge, but that is quite expensive as every time someone needs knowledge that John has - (s)he has to have a meeting with John. If he is not available - (s)he waits. If John leaves the company - someone is hired to learn again from scratch and that is a huge loss.
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