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Eterprise By HansaWorld mobile clients

Starting from version 7.0, Enterprise by HansaWorld offers to change you everyday habits and connect to your company's business platform from smartfones, tablets with  Apple iOS, Android and Windows8 operating systems.

Powerful software for all system users

Mobile solutions offer wide range of options that makes everyday tasks easier for millions of people in the world. We are so used to reading email or browsing web in our smartphone or tablet from any place with interner conection ! Why not to use your ERP software and create bill or analyse your finace data as easy as that ? 

“Several mobile solution offers in ERP field has been already before, but finally with Enterprise by HansaWorld we can offer our clients, what they have been waiting for long time -  full functionality with no compromise. User interface has been developed to match requirements of "finger" users  for mouse users and each clients is integrated with operating system on device.  Enterprise by Hansaworld at the moment is the only Enterprise Resource Planing system that offers full functionality software for  Android, gan iOS un Win8 mobile clients,” says Elvis Kvalbergs, Hansa World Gold partner Burti Ltd board member.

“Bring Your Own Device“

The biggest technical challenge while implementing ERP system is multi operating system usage in one company. Very often servers can be run by Linux, but users prefer iOS or Windows enviroments. Companies choice of operating system is often based on speciffic busines requirements, but users choose enviroment they feel comfortable working with.  In both of these cases switching to another operating system can be very painful and even paralise everyday work for some time. 

Each operating system user will feel comfortable with Enterprise by Hansaworld, and implemantation process will be easier and faster for your business. Even more - users will find features that they admired the most -  Windows8 users will love their cell type menu, but  iOS and Android clients will enjoy qualities they liked in their choice.

 Speed, dynamics, availability and efficiency

"Burti Ltd implemented Enterprise by Hansaworld with mobile device users in October, 2012 and results were suprising “ says Roling Ltd board member Kaspars Skribanovskis, “ As soon as we receive order in our system, dispatch staff  has it in his mobile device as well and starts to process the order: books the delivery, changes delivery status until it is finished.  With such a dynamic offer from Enterprise by Hansaworld our team performance has improved by 30% , what helped us to increase the turnover ".

Enterprise Resource Planing system Enterprise by HansaWorld is perfect solution for most of the companies, starting from small, that choose their first system, to international business that is looking for fully integrated solutions for all business process management .  Enterprise by HansaWorld is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. 



Customers big (quotes)

  • Kaspars Skribanovskis
    Sammen med teamet fra Burti AS vi har jobbet med implementering og tilpasning av HansaWorld Standard ERP, og dermed har vi oppnådd mine visjoner om hvordan en bedrift bør operere. En av de mest overbevisende fakta om vårt samarbeid er at med hjelp fra HansaWorld Standard ERP har effektiviteten hos våre ansatte økt med 30%, og selv i økonomisk nedgang klarte bedriften å ikke bare opprettholde sin omsetning i forhold til forrige årene, men klarte også å heve den.