Bank Assistant

In a situation where enterprise cash flow is not as consistent as it used to be : late payments, debtor count rising and the banking information administration has become more of a overhead. Although the turnover and individual deal count has decreased, this job has not become less of a hustle. Actually, it's the opposite - partly paid invoices, many payments per invoice, last-minute payments often make banking information administration even more difficult and time consuming. But the need for more effective work due to heightened market competition, forces to devote more resources to added value generation and the administration side is left behind.

In order to help enterprises which use HansaWorld Enterprise (HWE) to get to terms with these challenges, we've created the Bank Assistant.

The Bank Assistant is a module which is based on user-configurable functionality. This functionality allows to transfer electronic bank data information transfer directly into HWE. Without the help of bookkeepers, the new functionality identifies customer and invoice, automatically creating the required records in the system - Payments and Transactions. Sign up for a demonstration now!

* Bank Assistant is compatible with banks that support data export in the FiDaViSta format developed by the Latvian Bank Association.

Automatic Reminders

Automatic Reminders is another solution that's originated from a time when debtor control has a special priority for enterprises. This functionality has proven to be a very effective tool that our customers use to control their debtors and improve overall cash flow.

Automatic Reminders allows bookkeeping to forget about due invoices, because HansaWorld Enterprise will do it automatically. This will happen based on previously set up daily intervals where debtors will receive a full report on due invoices along with a notice letter. Again, the content of this notice letter can be customized, depending on the due day count. Sign up for a demonstration now!

Burti Equipment Servicing

In close cooperation with the leading printer cartridge and office equipment maintenance leader in Latvia - Biroja Tehnikas Servisa Centrs - we have developed a unique equipment servicing solution. It is based on HansaWorld Enterprise functionality and is fully integrated with its ERP and CRP functionality.

The solution incorporates automatic servicing and technician appointment scheduling, full servicing history accumulation (logging even the tiniest spare part), spare part ordering, technician time registration and many more diverse functions, which all are characterized by their common aim - to optimize servicing work.

It is possible to connect the Burti Equipment Servicing to a web based Equipment Servicing portal, which offers customers to place servicing requests and see full servicing history over the Internet. If you want to sell your products, we can connect the Servicing Portal with the HansaWolrd Enterprise Web Shop. Sign up for a demonstration now!

Burti Car Servicing

With the help of experienced car servicing professionals, we've crafted a solution for small and large car servicing companies - Burti Car Servicing.

This solution is based on HansaWorld standard modules, but its user interface is specifically designed for usage in a car servicing environment, where a workplace with a desk, a workstation and HWE are out of place. At the same time, all ERP and CRM functionality is completely retained, thus the solution is accessible for any requirement - call central, car mechanic, bookkeeping and the CEO. Sign up for a demonstration now!

Automatic Balance Reconcilations

Sending balance reconcilations takes a lot of your bookeepers time and should be done couple of times a year to get good results. If you have big amount of cutomers creating and sending these documents can take couple of days, so mainly companies do it only at the begining of the year as it is demanded by the law. This new funcionality offered by Burti will be useful for those who are looking for solution to automate sending and comparison process of this document. With Automatic Balance Reconcilations solution sending this documents to all of you customers will take only couple of minutes, not days.

To use this solution Hansa Application Language (HAL) and Mail Server licences are required.You can find more infomation about this solution here. If you have any questions, please Contact us

Customers big (quotes)

  • Kaspars Skribanovskis
    Chairman of the board
    Together with the team of Burti Ltd. we've been working on the implementation and customization of HansaWorld Standard ERP thereby achieving my visions regarding how an enterprise should be operating. One of the most compelling facts of our cooperation is that with the help of HansaWorld Standard ERP, our employees efficiency has risen by 30% and even while being in the midst of the global financial crisis, the enterprise not only maintained its turnover in respect to previous years, but also managed to raise it.