HansaWorld Services


All of our implementation projects are conducted, following a standardized methodology - the HansaWorld Implementation Methodology (HIM). A very important part of every HIM project is the optimization of workflows. The result is a high quality system, implemented within allocated time and according to the needs of your Enterprise.

  • HansaWorld Implementation Methodology
  • Optimization
  • Quality
  • Predictability


By choosing us as your Gold Certified HansaWorld partner you will receive support without ado! We will inform you about the most important new features in upcoming HansaWorld products, give advice for everyday work and our consultants will be readily available for affordable prices.
  • Receive support without ado!
  • Yearly system audit
  • Useful news
  • Affordable consultancy pricing


Our audit will give you detailed information about how effectively you are using your HansaWorld system and whether or not you're getting the most out of it. How to get more, be more effective and get the most out of HansaWorld? We will analyze your data quality and give advice on how to improve it. Besides that we will make sure that your servers are secure and healthy.

  • System security
  • Data health
  • Empowered users
  • Exercising HansaWorld to its potential

ASP/HWE Hosting

Stable and secure access to your HansaWorld system from any location, at any time. Our HansaWorld know-how allows us to make sure that the software and hardware work at optimum efficiency. The result is - a fast, stable system and no worries about the technicalities behind it all.
  • Uninterrupted specialist care
  • Remote backups
  • High power servers
  • Even lower overall solution costs


Only few people can be experts at something. We have to keep learning constantly and it is always possible to discover something new. Our training will allow you to utilize your HansaWorld Enterprise system even more efficiently.
  • Experienced lecturers
  • Educated users are happy users


We develop customizations ranging from small changes that help system users to use every minute efficiently, to large modules which helps to adjust the system to any specific processes that your Enterprise might have.
  • Large number of developers
  • Professional project management
  • Experienced system analysts
  • Large customization and original functionality code-base