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Your ERP is in the center of your business operations. Accessing business data only from desktop client costs you data precision, missed opportunities and most importantly – time. A tailored mobile app would help to solve that

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Mobile app benefits


Your business logic

You have invested in implementing and customising your business processes with how records in the system are working both on front-end (window actions) as well as the backend (record checks). Our REST API allows reusing this business logic, not just plain data. This means quicker implementation time and lower costs as well as easier maintenance in the future.


Up to date data

Data is read and updated in real-time or simply said – the mobile client works the same way as the desktop one.


Native OS support

The mobile client is available on any Android, iOS and other platforms natively. This allows integration with any hardware (camera, scanner, RFID readers) or software (phonecall, sms, speech to text) features of the chosen platform. You can run the app on rugged devices such as Zebra, Honeywell as well as normal smartphones.




Any system report can be loaded in the mobile app and adjusted to the mobile device screen



Full-text search

You can find customers, items and other records by any field value using our full-text search engine.

What our customers think?

We already had a customised windows mobile app in the previous HansaWorld version. But with HApp we have gone to a totally different usability level. Each action and screen is streamlined to exactly how we are doing our work. Over a longer time that brings huge time savings.

Any modules

Stock management receiving items, picking deliveries and counting stock levels is the most obvious mobile app usage. Service engineers, salespeople as well as any employees on the move can use the Standard ERP functionality wherever they are – on the road or at the customer site:

  • inventory could be received, picked, packed and counted faster and with less error
  • sales orders could be captured while talking to the customer
  • your service engineers could work on jobs at the customer site
  • your delivery agents could work on deliveries on the road


HansaWorld mobile application

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