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Standard ERP benefits


Cloud or on-premise

We can run fully in the cloud or on your servers depending on availability and security requirements you have.


Multi-language interface

Standard ERP is fully translated in more than 30 languages including Arabic and Chinese allowing to run multinational businesses in the language of users.



You can run up to 200 companies in the same server with shared setup and consolidation if necessary allowing to implement the same system for any size company group or franchises providing significant savings on implementation and running costs.


Built-in e-commerce

Because we have built-in e-commerce it allows to easily set up an omnichannel sales system with the same items, stock levels, prices, customers and everything else shared across all sales channels – point of sales, B2B, wholesale and e-commerce.


Digital office

The combination of our CRM, e-mail, approval rules, document management, task management, workflow overview tools provide the all-you-need solution for remote work from anywhere in the same single system.


Native clients

Our native client applications for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android provide excellent performance due to not using a web browser and low requirements for the internet speed, bandwidth and latency.


Vertical solutions

We have more than 30 built-in vertical solutions such as CRM, logistics, production, job costing, rental, service repairs and many more to cover needs of very diverse companies.


Powerful analytics

A combination of our automatic nominal ledger functionality, unlimited object and dimension recording and flex.bi business intelligence will provide answers to any questions your data can answer.

Why HansaWorld?

Our vast experience of almost thirty years, and international network spanning six continents, has given us an exceptional understanding for companies of all sizes in markets all over the world. We are continuously investing in research and development to ensure our innovative products are accurately localized, future-proof, and always accessible with the latest technology. HansaWorld uses its own programming language to develop fully integrated business management software with a competitive cost of ownership, and adaptable to the needs of most businesses. 

Why Burti?

We have implemented HansaWorld products for more than 10 years and can provide full range of related services:

  • Consulting: what functionality to use and how? What can be improved?
  • Implementation: implement the workflows and functionality you need
  • Training: train your key users to implement and maintain your system and all users to use it efficiently
  • Customisation: our developers can change everything in the system from small window improvements to new modules and vertical functionality
  • Hosting: we are a certified hosting partner and can provide a full range of HansaWorld cloud services
  • Integration: we can integrate your HansaWorld system with any system out there to automate some boring and inefficient manual work
  • Extending: we have a range of standardised addons to extend your system for reasonable cost like mobile apps for stock and service, REST API for integration with third party systems and more

Burti packages

Rest API
Burti REST API offers highly configurable and customisable API to integrate your HansaWorld Standard ERP system with other solutions such as e-commerce Shopify, CRM system such as Zendesk or Salesforce, your bespoke internal systems and other use-cases.

You will be able to:

  • define custom endpoints
  • select what data needs to be sent or returned via API
  • customise pre and post hooks and much more.
Automatic reminders
Automatic reminders allow you to save time on sending reminders about unpaid invoices manually. And because the reminders are delivered automatically they will not be forgotten and always will be in the same format you and your customers expect them to be.

You can define:

  • Define up to 3 different levels of reminders based on the overdue days of the oldest invoice of a customer.
  • Multiple sets of these reminders with different texts and overdue days settings and apply them to different customer categories (softer reminders for your large customers) or even specific customers (even softer reminders for your VIP customers or super harsh for your bad debtors).
  • E-mail texts and PDF attachments that include the details of all the open invoices particular customer has. This allows customers to pay not only the oldest invoice but all the overdue ones and find our if any invoices are missed.
Timed Events
Addon allows to define schedule different regular maintenances and other operations to be run without the assistance of an end user.

You will be able to:

  • automate boring routines such as hourly or daily routines and maintenances
  • plan schedule maintenances ran out of business hours instead of making an end-user to wait for the right time
  • run regular data export or import operations
Mailigen is newsletter creation and automation platform. Platform offers management of contact lists, creation of letter templates using WYSIWYG e-mail template editor, analysing campaign results and more. We can send Standard ERP customer letters such as announcements or adverts using them as delivery mechanism.

There are multiple benefits using Mailigen instead of delivery of e-mails through your SMTP server:

  • specialised delivery mechanism for mass mail – they make sure that everything is OK with spam filters and other issues that might arise when trying to send large newsletters out using normal SMTP server. In most cases it is not even allowed by the SMTP provider to send campaign letters
  • possibility to create beautiful e-mail templates for your letters with ease
  • tracking of your e-mail campaign such as who opened e-mails, who clicked on links etc. to be able to follow up and analyse efficiency of the campaign

Read more on Mailigen features

Banking assistant
Banking Assistant is a separate module with user customisable functionality which allows to move electronic bank statement data directly into Standard ERP by HansaWorld (or the other way round). In the transfer process, which is possible even without the accountant’s participation, Banking Assistant recognizes information which identifies the customer and the invoice and automatically creates the needed documents – payments and transactions.

You will:

  • improve the efficiency of bank reconciliation and free accountant’s time for more useful work
  • update payment data more frequently and efficiently control your debtors and their credit limits
  • automatically recognise and create not only payments, but also expense, bank commission and pre-payment records
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