Good Job, Pal!

Send a Thanks you card effortlessly to your teammates using Web, Mobile, Slack, Jira and Confluence.
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Good Job, Pal! benefits


Happier teams

Recognition is why we work. It creates a sense of purpose and belonging. Your team will be happier, more motivated, helpful and efficient.


risk management

When a thank you card is sent for exceptional work based on one of the team values, the value and culture as a whole becomes stronger.


better decisions

Powerful analytics allow to celebrate the superstars and rockstars of your team, as well as gain oversight over its’ internal climate and find areas to improve.

Why “Good Job, Pal!”?

The beauty of Good Job, Pal! is its simplicity because you can come up with your own use cases for it. It is one thing we have intended to use it for, but our customers are coming up with new ways of applying it in their lives.

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