Simple yet powerful Jira, Confluence and other data analysis

Atlasian provides great tools for managing tasks, content and other processes. In the process a lot of data gets gathered, but the potential of such data is reached only when they have been converted into information, which can be used to analyse historical data, measure KPIs, predict trends and unite teams around common goals using custom reports and dashboards. EazyBI is the best Jira and Confluence data analyse tool and it also can analyse data from Git, Excel, SQL databases and REST API.

Business intelligence is powerful and demanding

Having so many options, creating reports with EazyBI in the beginning may seem not so eazy. But that is just the first impression. We're partners with EazyBI for many years and can help you with introduction to this fantastic tool, teach you how to make reports and help you to get most out of your data from Jira, EazyBI and its features.

EazyBI training

We provide training for users of different levels of experience and needs:

  • install, setup, data source definition
  • creation and publication of base reports and panels from standard measures and dimensions
  • creation of calculated measures using MDX language for custom-made reports
  • integration of additional data sources to be able to analyse the whole picture

Courses can be modified to your specific needs.

Who can benefit from this?

Project and product managers, team leads, IT administrators and business analysts who could benefit from learning how to process Jira data simply and fast.


  • Explore the opportunities that EazyBI provides
  • Get to know the basics of EazyBI - data sources, data cubes, accounts, measures, reports, panels
  • Learn to make reports and panels on your own
  • Explore the potential of MDX and other more advanced EazyBI functionality


Courses can be held either online, at your office or at ours.

Length of the courses

Basic course is one full day.

Book a training

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