Standard ERP Service Levels

We prefer long term relationships with our customers. That means that of course you can just order any of our services and we will be find a way and time to assist you. However signing an service level agreement with us means that our relationship can be more stable, reliable and mutually beneficial.

You can choose the level most suitable for you based on different parameters like reaction time, our availability and SLA monthly payment. Next tables summarise the differences between the 4 SLA levels we offer with an extended example explaining them with real numbers.

  Start Basic Standard (User's choice) Business
SLA Price (as a percentage from HansaWorld subscription) 0% 10% 20% 60%
SL Minimum fee per month 0 EUR 10 EUR 30 EUR 100 EUR
Maximum available discount 0% 0% 50% 60%
Service price list Standard Reduced Reduced Reduced
Availability 9-17* 9-17* 8-18* 8-18
Reaction time Less than 2 working days (16 Hours) Less than 1 working day (8 Hours) Within 4 hours* Within 2 hours
Annual HansaWorld health-check -
JIRA Issue tracking - -
Free status meeting - -

* Working days

Example: For Standard ERP subscription price of 1000EUR per month

  Start Basic Standard Business
SLA Price 0EUR 50EUR 200EUR 600EUR
Part applied as an additional discount 0EUR 0EUR 100EUR 360EUR

Invoicable service amount: 100EUR
  Start Basic Standard Business
Applied discount 0EUR 0EUR 100EUR 100EUR
Amount payable 100EUR 100EUR 0EUR 0EUR

Invoicable service amount: 200EUR
  Start Basic Standard Business
Applied discount 0EUR 0EUR 100EUR 200EUR
Amount payable 200EUR 200EUR 100EUR 0EUR

Invoicable service amount: 500EUR
  Start Basic Standard Business
Applied discount 0EUR 0EUR 100EUR 360EUR
Amount payable 500EUR 500EUR 400EUR 140EUR

Customers big (quotes)

  • Kaspars Skribanovskis
    Chairman of the board
    Together with the team of Burti Ltd. we've been working on the implementation and customization of HansaWorld Standard ERP thereby achieving my visions regarding how an enterprise should be operating. One of the most compelling facts of our cooperation is that with the help of HansaWorld Standard ERP, our employees efficiency has risen by 30% and even while being in the midst of the global financial crisis, the enterprise not only maintained its turnover in respect to previous years, but also managed to raise it.