HansaWorld Hosting

   To make your life easier after purchasing HansaWorld products and not to worry about server technical maintenance, infrastructure (electricity, internet connection, etc.) stability and other server maintenance issues, we will place your HansaWorld data server in one of the largest and most modern data centers in Europe. Based on 11 years of experience in this field we have created hosting solutionspecially for Enterprise by HansaWorld application  - a secure and professionally configured.

   How Does It Work ? 

   Your HansaWorld server will be hosted on a virtual server (cloud) which is secured against all the most common woes: electricity disruptions, Internet connection instability and most importantly - the server component wear. If server technical fault the server will be automatically moved to other physical machines and, most likeley you will not even feel the change.This is the modern way to keep business-critical systems.

   In addition, we have developed monitoring system that monitors our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and warns us when something looks differend as usual  - server does not backup or other anomalies happen, that we need to take care of!

 Our Hosting Offer Includes :

  •  Free space monitoring                                                                                                                                                  
  •  Text copy  integrity check                                                                                                                        
  •  Backup copy of Attach folder if it does not exceed  Enterpise by HansaWorld HDB size (if it does, it is negotiated separately)
  •  Database file copy 3 times a day (in the background - without disrupting work)
  •  Database Logging record (all your activities are recorded in a separate file and the problem are the data-base, it can be restored from a previous copy of the database and log file. This allows you to reduce the chance of losing recent work carried out to a minimum)

Service users are affected by the price and size of the database, so that we can prepare you a quote Contact us.

Customers big (quotes)

  • Kaspars Skribanovskis
    Chairman of the board
    Together with the team of Burti Ltd. we've been working on the implementation and customization of HansaWorld Standard ERP thereby achieving my visions regarding how an enterprise should be operating. One of the most compelling facts of our cooperation is that with the help of HansaWorld Standard ERP, our employees efficiency has risen by 30% and even while being in the midst of the global financial crisis, the enterprise not only maintained its turnover in respect to previous years, but also managed to raise it.