From medicine and space travel, to disaster response and pizza deliveries, our products help teams all over the planet advance humanity through the power of software.
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Atlassian benefits


Project management

Either you are agile rookie or a professional, Jira Software adapts to the workflow of your team to successfully estimate and ship products to your customers.

High flexibility and analysis options ensure that project management won’t stay behind as the team advances.


Business project management

Jira Core offers workflow templates, powerful filtering and options to stay up-to-date with different projects through notifications and high level analysis, so you’ll always be informed about results of your teams.


Customer support

Jira Service Management (JSM) offers one platform powered by Atlassian seamless integration with its other products for your IT staff and customers where it is possible to swiftly help customers and track bugs.

Intuitive design and search engine helps your clients help themselves next time.


Team collaboration

Confluence connects teams with information, so workers will get the work done faster.

Stop drowning in e-mails, prevent pointless meetings and make everyday a productive day with Confluence.



Version control

Bitbucket is highly secure Atlassian Git solution which is created for everdeveloping teams.

Seamlessly integrated with other Atlassian products, Bitbucket offers safe space for creating better software.

Why Atlassian?

We can help you with choosing the right set of tools from the Atlassian suite and help to implement them. As a result you will have flexible, yet unified and very powerful system to control your business processes be it software development, professional services or internal workflows. 

Why Burti?

We have been using Atlassian product range for more than 10 years and we are a certified solution partner offering these services:

  • Consulting: we can help to decide what products you need, what can be improved and made more efficient, what addons should you choose?
  • Implementation: using Jira, but need a fancy workflow, adjusted screens, custom fields or some other configuration changes you are not sure how to do? We can help
  • Training: have a large user base that doesn’t know how to use Atlassian tools efficiently? We can assess their level, create a training plan and materials and train them
  • Hosting: for any reasons you need a server installation, but don’t want to deal with hosting? We can host your Atlassian products on our servers so it feels like your cloud

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